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Egypt's Tumult Sharpens

3 Feb

The headlines from Egypt get bloodier everyday.

What started out as a massive, yet orderly protest has taken a sharp turn into chaotic combatativeness. This is not due to anything the anti-Mubarak protesters have done. Quite the opposite: they have been met with tacit support and empathy from the military, the citizenry as a whole, and even some police forces. This violent period is due to pro-Mubarak groups that are physically attacking protesters. Their validity has already been question. Many sources have reported that they come up to various Egyptians, offering what is equivalent to $8 to hold a pro-Mubarak sign. Others have noticed that they are exceptionally well organized and coordinated, making them doubt if they are truly ordinary citizens, or seasoned professionals. Whoever they are, they are manipulating the demonstration into what they want: a bloody battle.

The next few days may prove to be the most consequential of this captivating event. If the protesters fight back, a civil war will be had on Tahir Square. If they find a way to disarm pro-Mubarak groups (literally and figuratively), with non-violent force, they will have won the history books, and possibly, the rest of the world. Time will tell.

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