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quick, be nice to yourself

26 Jan

I took my first class toward a Core Strengths Coaching certification last night. No, this certification will not come in handy at my local Gold’s Gym. In a nutshell, this will help me find, use, and coax each of our innate human talents, thereby bringing us more satisfaction in life. Mighty ambitious, but that’s why I signed up for it.

The subject sounds a bit vague and fluffy soft, but it’s immensely interesting and very much based on scientific research. We’re talking about finding what you are good at, and how connecting that to your happiness. Is there a greater question out there than what makes us happy? Maybe, but I couldn’t find such professional development program at SFSU, so there.

I will bring back what I hope to learn in the weeks and months ahead to this blog, but I wanted to start out with a sort of revelation I had during my first class.

The professor asked us to think of a quality we are proud of. A deceivingly difficult request. This produced a lot of collar stretching and uneasy shifting of the buttocks; it’s damn hard thinking of a good thing you embody. If I asked you to tell me something great about your best friend, how long would it take you? If, however, I asked you to tell me something that makes you stand out…yeah, a blank. That’s what happened to me and pretty much the rest of the class. Being all smart and stuff, the professor caught on to this and asked us then to first ask ourselves what held us back from listing these lovely things. Some of our thoughts: Continue reading


tebowing everyday

17 Jan

Tebow is not an amazing quarterback. I’d say he’s barely in the top half of the league when it comes to dry-as-bones statistics. His QB rating is disturbingly volatile, and his throwing motion is well below the NFL elite. But he wins. It may be sheer determination, or optimism, or something otherworldy, like a God that tunes in to the playoffs. Whatever it is it was (see last Par.) working and with great panache.

It also made him a lighting rod of criticism that ranged from the legitimate (his QB abilities are unreliable) to the personal (he needs to shut his proselytizing mouth). He continues to draw passionate defenses and rebuttals. What he stands for is what irks people the most. Mediocre, yet successful, professional athletes have existed for as long as fantastic, yet failing or self-destructive, athletes have. But Tebow Hate is not about that, at least not the most unrelenting form of it isn’t. It’s about a successful someone’s belief in and attribution of success to a Higher Being. It’s about faith. Continue reading

quirky mexican

5 Jan

It really is hard to leave anything. Things, people, and places travel with you forever, no matter how long ago or in what way you interacted with them. The more you live the more you live out your influences.

I flew to Mexico City with my mom and dad over the holidays. The build-up to this trip was pretty severe: my parents are aging and their mortality is constantly flashing whenever I see them in motion (how quickly and unkindly does time pass), so my mom, originally from the City itself, kept using “one last time” every time we planned something for said trip. Bless her heart. Let it be clear that my mother and father are in good health; yes, they are old, but compared to almost every other person their age I and they have met, they are in stellar condition. In case you don’t know this already, Latino moms love to sensationalize. They have every disease the local news mentions and every Christmas will be their last. All old wives are true and the Virgen of Guadalupe might’ve appear on a tortilla. So there’s that.

But the trip, excusing the undue weight my mother put on it, was important. If nothing else, it helped remind me why Mexico is Mexico. Continue reading

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