It’s easy to start an About page by talking about yourself. People expect it, you expect it. But what’s the point in sketching a self-portrait when every time you write that’s exactly what you are doing. Writing an About page about yourself is redundant and, in a way, self-aggrandizing. Let your game do the talking, Michael Jordan used to say.

So I hope that through the little musings I push through this medium you get a good idea of what I am like, as a man, as a person, and as a writer (lapses in skill at the latter will be the easiest to find). The posts should be sufficiently autobiographical, especially considering how  in-progress they are. This isn’t the blog Saramago left behind, nor is it a type pad for Gladwell, but hopefully there is enough interesting meat on these posts’ bones that you’ll want to read some more. And of course I will supply as many good cuts as I can.



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