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give a damn

19 Dec

It’s the holiday season, aka –if we are being completely honest– the season when we shed a bit of the bullshit and show people who we really are. Just a bit. If we’re secretly a bit ravenous and cut-throat in a street-fight kind of way, we show it when Wal-mart or Macy’s has a sale. If we’re a bit of a cornball, we crank up the jolly Christmas music and hum along to it at work. If we’re genuinely trying to be a decent human being (or at the very least are honest enough with ourselves to have realized that we really could do better [I mean, come on]), we carve out some time to spread goodwill.

I am trying to be a bit better at the latter, and actively looking for opportunities that help me get rid of some of the more hollow consumptive tendencies and become a man who cares about grander things (i.e the type of stuff that makes up college admission essays ).

(A relevant aside: look around at your colleagues, your friends, your family, and most importantly, your reflection, and tell me: do they give a damn about other people? I mean, do they try to help others carry their cross in life? Isn’t that all that matters, trying? Not everyone has the means or even the emotional stamina to help every hurt soul we encounter, but just by trying to help we can do a lot. That easy to dismiss awareness, that others need help and we can actually try to be that help, is not found in every man or woman. Only those that give a damn are aware and only they are bothered by this, even if just a bit.) Continue reading

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