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The World MUST Love Lara Logan

26 Apr

If nothing else, I want this to be my legacy in life. Although she is hardly an unknown, Lara Logan is not as prominent as you would think someone with her intellect, beauty, courage, and (bloody) accent would be. 

A story that often accompanies her fame (within the geeky political circles) is when she begged a clerk at a Russian embassy in London to give her a visa after September 11th in order to cover it. Honestly, how hard did she have to beg the clerk to give her the (bloody) visa? I am afraid she might be adding too much “hot girl embellishment” to this story.

Definition of hot girl embellishment:

Anytime a woman of considerable beauty exaggerates anything in order to make her life include an inexistent struggle when relating to the opposite sex. For example: “That bouncer was such a jerk. He didn’t let me in as soon as I got to the club and made me wait for 1 minute. I had to stand out there in the sub-zero cold!” (HGE italicized).

Lara is a frequent contributor to 60 Minutes, and is currently the chief foreign correspondent for CBS News. She raised eyebrows during her Daily Show appearance for saying she would just “blow my brains out!” if she had to endure the nauseating news cycle we are used to in the United States. She has also been frequent tabloid fodder for her apparent love triangle/homewrecking with a US contractor and a CNN reporter while in Baghdad. 

But this former swimsuit model is not just a pretty face (although it is quite pretty…sigh). Her reporting is hard-nosed, and she is one of the most reputable international reporters in the industry. If anything else, her supposed trysts make her that much more compelling.

She’s an intrepid and brilliant beauty whose hair smells like coconut and her accent can soothe a suicide bomber to sleep. She is so important I am adding a category just for her. 

That is why the world MUST love Lara Logan.

Her Daily Show appearance:

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