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25 Mar
  • Rebecca Black’s “Friday” is more than just a song: it symbolizes modern-day, internet-fueled fame, with it’s viral infatuation and anonymous hate.

To do anything in a public arena is to invite an insta-response that will echo just as loudly with harsh critics as with fans. It means having as many “dislikes” as “likes,” as many people making fun of you as embracing you and, when it comes to the Internet, as many scathing, borderline abusive comments as supportive ones (and often many more).

  • Email. What is good for? Absolutely nothing…if used incorrectly. But these tips will help you make the most out of a double-edged sword.
  • Who’s cool? People who work hard at it, but don’t ever sweat for it in public. Among them, these folks.
  • Older folk are staying in the workforce longer…some are even starting their 3rd or 4th business as retirees. Goes to show you that zest for life is a mental state unrelated to age.
  • A professional baseball seasons most definitely has two things: wealthy people and a lot of time to kill. A catcher has made a name for himself by eating anything (ANYTHING) for money. Begs the question: is he an entrepreneurial genius?

Motuzas declined to reveal his salary, but he said his various stunts have helped him pay down two mortgages and make healthy contributions to his two children’s college funds.


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