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quick, be nice to yourself

26 Jan

I took my first class toward a Core Strengths Coaching certification last night. No, this certification will not come in handy at my local Gold’s Gym. In a nutshell, this will help me find, use, and coax each of our innate human talents, thereby bringing us more satisfaction in life. Mighty ambitious, but that’s why I signed up for it.

The subject sounds a bit vague and fluffy soft, but it’s immensely interesting and very much based on scientific research. We’re talking about finding what you are good at, and how connecting that to your happiness. Is there a greater question out there than what makes us happy? Maybe, but I couldn’t find such professional development program at SFSU, so there.

I will bring back what I hope to learn in the weeks and months ahead to this blog, but I wanted to start out with a sort of revelation I had during my first class.

The professor asked us to think of a quality we are proud of. A deceivingly difficult request. This produced a lot of collar stretching and uneasy shifting of the buttocks; it’s damn hard thinking of a good thing you embody. If I asked you to tell me something great about your best friend, how long would it take you? If, however, I asked you to tell me something that makes you stand out…yeah, a blank. That’s what happened to me and pretty much the rest of the class. Being all smart and stuff, the professor caught on to this and asked us then to first ask ourselves what held us back from listing these lovely things. Some of our thoughts: Continue reading

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