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Lieberman's Medicare Tantrum a Flip-Flop

15 Dec

Sen. Joe Lieberman loves the spotlight. He relished running with Gore in 2000  as his VP; he was giddy when all eyes jumped on him for breaking ranks with the Democratic Party and becoming and Independent; and he savored the months when he was considered the frontrunner to be McCain’s VP choice (which he was, if it weren’t for outside forces that bent the Maverick’s hand).

Now, the spotlight is shining on him once more. This time as the Gang of 1 against healthcare reform.

His latest objection is over the expansion of Medicare to those below the current qualifying age of 65. Proponents of the current healthcare bill want the qualifying age to be lowered to 55, as a way of helping people who don’t have coverage and cannot afford it due to the high premiums their age would trigger. Lieberman was clear this past weekend on his refusal to accept such a preposterous measure.

Too bad he was for it a few months ago. The video below surfaced yesterday and is set to deflate the hot air balloon Lieberman has been riding for years. Is he for-gainst it, or just against whatever everyone is for?


Obama's helmetless ways draw fire

28 Aug

Just when you thought the level of political discourse was elevated, someone has to knock it back down.

Obama’s helmetless ride around Martha’s Vineyard has drawn ire from those with too much time on their laptops. Instead of dissecting every shred of behavior the president shows, how about seeing this for what it is: a dude without a helmet. That’s all.

From Politico:

“Yes, I know, President Obama is on a vacation, riding a bike, at a slow cadence, so what if he is not wearing a helmet, right?” wrote Martha Castro, a California doctor, on her website.

On, a website for parents, Josh Loposer write, “Truly despicable isn’t it? What kind of example is he setting for the nation’s youth?”

David Mozer, director of the International Bicycle Fund, told the New York Daily News, “Most bike accidents just happen. Bicycles up and turn over by themselves, and head injuries are a possible consequence of that. … It would be great if the president set an example.”

Governor Schwarzenegger's Japanese Commercials

20 Aug

There is very little I can add to the title of this post that will do the video below any justice. I only want to mention two things:

  1. Please, please, please, do not stop watching this until the end. It seriously gets more and more ridiculous/amazing as it goes on.
  2. I call this man my governor. Only in America.


Barney Frank and the gift of laughter

19 Aug


What if Obama Was Not a US Citizen?

29 Jul

As Mark McKinnon, former Bush and McCain strategist, points out: it doesn’t matter one bit. The clause in the Constitution that makes the US presidency strictly for natural born citizens is not as relevant today as it was over 200 years ago:


More fundamentally, so what if he was born somewhere else? If he was, he was teleported to Hawaii in nanoseconds. There is no more an American story than Barack Obama. The rationale for Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution, which bars foreigners from becoming president, was to eliminate the possibility of America’s leader from holding dual or treacherous alliances with other countries. The Founding Fathers wrote this clause into the Constitution in 1789 because of scandal in Europe involving Austrians moving to other countries.

Even if he were born in Kenya, are we afraid he harbors a treacherous dual alliance? Maybe he is secretly Austrian?! Bruuuuno!!!

The question is, how long will the birther conspiracy theory last for? The House just passed a resolution reiterating the fact that Obama was indeed born in Hawaii and is a natural born citizen. But some GOPers (Inhofe!!!) and never-say-die folks willing to go to any lengths to make Obama not their president are capable of riding this out to 2012. And then comes Palin.

RFK and Jackie?

6 Jul

A new book claims that Bobby Kennedy and his brother widow, Jackie Kennedy, had a passionate, four-year love affair. Bobby was married throughout his supposed time with Jackie, and his wife and family knew about it. Everybody kept mum, mainly to maintain appearances so as to not hurt his 1968 presidential run.

The affair began soon after John’s death by a bullet. Once Bobby’s own tragic fate came and he was brain dead because of an assassination attempt in 1968, Jackie was the one that signed off on the paperwork to pull the plug. The family’s history is truly riddled with drama, intrigue, tragedy, and romance. Our very own ongoing Shakespeare play.

More info on the book here.


3 Jul


Interesting thing happened last weekend during Pride. Partaking in the annual festivities celebrating the gay community and allies, like me and my crew, is quite an experience. Moods were tempered compared to years before, mainly because of the recent court decision upholding Prop. 8.

Nonetheless, the crowd was partying like it was 2009. At one of the music stages set in the middle of a closed street, they started playing Michael Jackson. This was probably the most energetic moment of the night. People all around were compelled to try an MJ move or two, maybe start saying “Jamon!” to a nearby friend, or doing some trademark crotch thrusts. As soon as the DJ’s Jackson tribute ended, people calmed back down and went back to their usual dance moves. Right then I knew MJ still had it in him.

On that note, Happy 4th of July weekend! Now, some patriotic poliPicks!

  • The Joy of Absorption: With the craziness surrounding us 24/7, it may be time to try out some yoga, reading, writing or all of the above to keep us in the moment.
  • Happinomics: Talking to strangers is a win-win. If only someone would get it started.
  • And in Iran…: The blame continues. Now the people at fault for the “poisoning of the people” (i.e. protesting against a stolen election) are British Embassy workers. Who’s next? The lady around the corner that sows people’s pants?
  • Who Wants to be a Believer? A new Turkish game show will try to convert some atheists into either a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Christian, or a Jew. No word yet if Scientology is scheduled for season 2.
  • Look down: Chicago’s Sears Tower wants you to squeal like a little girl:
  • Minnesotans for Bachmann Unite! The most colorful and frightening Congresswoman out there, Michele Bachmann (R-MN), hasn’t ruled out running for governor yet. Be a patriot and visit her (mock) site.
  • WashPo misbehaving: Who knew charging people to get inside access to government officials and your top editors and writers would be frowned upon.
  • Tweet of the day: Brought to you by author Ayelet Waldman, @ayeletw

Is your love as profound as that of the governor of South Carolina? One can only dream.

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Bonne (4th of July) weekend!

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