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Obama is a 'Renegade'

20 Jul

No doubt the fact that the President of the United States’ Secret Service codename is widely known is a tad ironic, but so is the whole idea of publicizing the existence of a Secret Service.

For the president, the SS has given him the codename “renegade.” Michelle’s is “renaissance,” and the Obama girls are “radiance” (Malia) and “rosebud” (Sasha).

heCheck out some other SS handles in this Chi-Trib article. Reagan’s was “rawhide”? How Hollywood.


Obama's 'Pervy' Look Vindicated

10 Jul

Seriously, is this guy on anti-gaffe mode even when he sleeps? The last time President Obama made a gaffe was when he was still a primary candidate, calling people who “cling” to guns and religion because they are disillusioned with DC “bitter.” That was over a year ago.

After this picture made the blogosphere rounds last night, everyone was ready to pervify Obama. But with this video that showed what actually happened, Obama has been vindicated and looks more gentlemanly than ever. Sarkozy, on the other hand, is still being Sarkozy.

Obama Moves to The White House Couch

9 Jul

Sarkozy’s smug smile is the equivalent of a “you dog, you” look given between college buddies. Hopefully Michelle does not surf the internets.

photocredit: Gawker

Barack (Tries to) Sing, Michelle Looks On

6 Jul

Not sure about anyone else, but I tend to do this, also: a favorite song comes on, and (especially if I’ve had a few “beverages”) I feel compelled to sing along with it. This tends to bring a look of “Are you kidding me? This again?” on my dancing partner’s face. Michelle’s got the look down.

photocredit: Official White House Photo Stream (Pete Souza)

Obama's Ice Cream Run

21 Jun

Oh, you know, just the president getting some ice cream with his daughters. Nothing to see here, move along, don’t mind the 10 cop cars and gargantuan black, bullet-proof SUVs. Carry on, now.

photocredit: Huffpo


12 Jun


There’s drama everywhere:

Palin v. Letterman. Ahmedinejad v. Mousavi. Mexican police v. Mexican police. Beckham v. Ronaldo. Makes you want to start a soap opera based solely on the news.

This, along with other much sunnier topics, are inside this weekend’s poliPicks. Enjoy!

  • Who you gonna call? The police? Sorry, they are out fighting the police: In Monterrey, Mexico, the federal police faced off against the city police during a protest by city officers against the federal officers.¬† It ended being a bloodless encounter, but it exemplified the tension the drug cartel¬† war has put upon the nation.
  • Two! two new presidents of Iran, ah ah ah! Both candidates are claiming victory, meaning you can expect a flurry of voting irregularities and calls of “fraud” by both sides starting tomorrow–oh wait, that already started.
  • Presidential munchies run: Obama is the first city president in decades, so he has a penchant for making burger runs when it just cant wait. This collage includes Obama eating, Obama ordering, Obama talking while he waits for his food, and Obama eating some more. In a word: riveting.
  • George Bush and Colbert are like this! W let’s Colbert know what he thinks of his buzzcut:

  • Ronaldo is worth $130m: His Tony Award-worthy theatrics alone are worth $129m. Somewhere, Beckham is foaming at the mouth while he brushes his hair as he rests his head on Posh’s glittery stomach.
  • Obama’s first Gay Marriage faux pas: In a government brief in a Defense of Marriage Act in California case, Obama motions to dismiss the case against the Act, which only allows marriage between a man and woman. That is not great, but not bad, either. What might unleash an uproar from the marriage equality movement is his treatment of the plaintiff (those arguing against the Act), and the language he uses. This may get ugly.
  • Obama may be a ‘madman’: The political definition being different than the psychiatric one, this piece makes a pretty good case that Obama is following a strategy Nixon first baptized.
  • Tweet of the day: From Gallup News’ twitter account, @gallupnews:

“NEW: Most Disapprove of Majority Government Ownership of GM.

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Bonne weekend a tous!

Obama Hugs McCain (IV)

23 May

photocredit: Washington Times

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