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witness of a fall

29 Oct

The days blend in, and they wonder which are worth remembering tomorrow. Life seems like an endless and simmering sea. Their muscles have a richer memory than their heart, and so they float.

Then, there’s a torrent and they tumble. Your skin prickles and your vision gets sharp, for Mortality, that which we know but never accept, hugs your shoulder and tells you that someone you love will soon die. That sea was actually the edge of their waterfall.



17 Jul


The confirmation hearing for Supreme Court justice nominee Sonia Sotomayor are still going on as I write this. A highlight: Sen. Sessions has brought up the “wise Latina” remark for the, oh I don’t know, 10th time in the last hour. Riveting.

Confirmation hearings are pretty much a choreographed piece of political theater where Senators attempt to sound fierce or supportive, and the nominee tries to give as little information as possible as to how they actually think. If that all sounds too tempting to miss, I got nothing for you.

If you ARE interested in a break from all of that, here are some poliPicks!

  • Science v. Relgion, the rumble in the opinion jungle! Are scientists hurting their trade by dismissing, or even trashing, religion? Short answer: God, yes.
  • Not so Green economy: What if green jobs really wont help our economy or environment at all?
  • Happy ending: Research shows we are awfully cheery whenever we think about death. In related news, Hershey’s will now be selling really dark chocolate.
  • KKK v.2009: A lot has stayed the same with the Klan, as is evident in this photo gallery: hoods, cross burning (or as Klan members prefer, “cross lighting”), bringing them up young in the cloth. It’s unnerving to think they still exist today, under a social an political reality that may not only help them survive, but grow.
  • Tweet of the day: From comedian Sean O’Connor, @seanoconnz

I hit on Kat Dennings last night on twitter – and for some reason can’t believe it didn’t work.

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Bonne weekend!

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