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la viejita

23 Oct

A brash and beautiful woman made the viejita feel like the only person on that train. The viejita grew in front of all of us, like a back porch flower being caressed with care. This woman did this to a stranger, and I ached.

At home I found my wife in her usual spot, limp in front of the television as she hollered, “Dinner’s on the counter.” I stared outside wondering if this was my back porch.


eventually learned

1 Oct

“I wish we met later in life,” she said as she hugged my torso in her college sweats. Was that a flag of surrender or a rallying cry? It took me a long time to figure that out.

She’s someone’s woman, and I’m someone’s man now. We all have laughter wrinkles and tight smiles. It’s ‘later.’ And when I look at her I remember how much time has passed and how the embers still kindle, faintly, but still.

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