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3 Jul


Interesting thing happened last weekend during Pride. Partaking in the annual festivities celebrating the gay community and allies, like me and my crew, is quite an experience. Moods were tempered compared to years before, mainly because of the recent court decision upholding Prop. 8.

Nonetheless, the crowd was partying like it was 2009. At one of the music stages set in the middle of a closed street, they started playing Michael Jackson. This was probably the most energetic moment of the night. People all around were compelled to try an MJ move or two, maybe start saying “Jamon!” to a nearby friend, or doing some trademark crotch thrusts. As soon as the DJ’s Jackson tribute ended, people calmed back down and went back to their usual dance moves. Right then I knew MJ still had it in him.

On that note, Happy 4th of July weekend! Now, some patriotic poliPicks!

  • The Joy of Absorption: With the craziness surrounding us 24/7, it may be time to try out some yoga, reading, writing or all of the above to keep us in the moment.
  • Happinomics: Talking to strangers is a win-win. If only someone would get it started.
  • And in Iran…: The blame continues. Now the people at fault for the “poisoning of the people” (i.e. protesting against a stolen election) are British Embassy workers. Who’s next? The lady around the corner that sows people’s pants?
  • Who Wants to be a Believer? A new Turkish game show will try to convert some atheists into either a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Christian, or a Jew. No word yet if Scientology is scheduled for season 2.
  • Look down: Chicago’s Sears Tower wants you to squeal like a little girl:
  • Minnesotans for Bachmann Unite! The most colorful and frightening Congresswoman out there, Michele Bachmann (R-MN), hasn’t ruled out running for governor yet. Be a patriot and visit her (mock) site.
  • WashPo misbehaving: Who knew charging people to get inside access to government officials and your top editors and writers would be frowned upon.
  • Tweet of the day: Brought to you by author Ayelet Waldman, @ayeletw

Is your love as profound as that of the governor of South Carolina? One can only dream.

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Bonne (4th of July) weekend!



12 Jun


There’s drama everywhere:

Palin v. Letterman. Ahmedinejad v. Mousavi. Mexican police v. Mexican police. Beckham v. Ronaldo. Makes you want to start a soap opera based solely on the news.

This, along with other much sunnier topics, are inside this weekend’s poliPicks. Enjoy!

  • Who you gonna call? The police? Sorry, they are out fighting the police: In Monterrey, Mexico, the federal police faced off against the city police during a protest by city officers against the federal officers.  It ended being a bloodless encounter, but it exemplified the tension the drug cartel  war has put upon the nation.
  • Two! two new presidents of Iran, ah ah ah! Both candidates are claiming victory, meaning you can expect a flurry of voting irregularities and calls of “fraud” by both sides starting tomorrow–oh wait, that already started.
  • Presidential munchies run: Obama is the first city president in decades, so he has a penchant for making burger runs when it just cant wait. This collage includes Obama eating, Obama ordering, Obama talking while he waits for his food, and Obama eating some more. In a word: riveting.
  • George Bush and Colbert are like this! W let’s Colbert know what he thinks of his buzzcut:


  • Ronaldo is worth $130m: His Tony Award-worthy theatrics alone are worth $129m. Somewhere, Beckham is foaming at the mouth while he brushes his hair as he rests his head on Posh’s glittery stomach.
  • Obama’s first Gay Marriage faux pas: In a government brief in a Defense of Marriage Act in California case, Obama motions to dismiss the case against the Act, which only allows marriage between a man and woman. That is not great, but not bad, either. What might unleash an uproar from the marriage equality movement is his treatment of the plaintiff (those arguing against the Act), and the language he uses. This may get ugly.
  • Obama may be a ‘madman’: The political definition being different than the psychiatric one, this piece makes a pretty good case that Obama is following a strategy Nixon first baptized.
  • Tweet of the day: From Gallup News’ twitter account, @gallupnews:

“NEW: Most Disapprove of Majority Government Ownership of GM. http://tr.im/ocB1

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Bonne weekend a tous!


5 Jun


A sign that the recession is hitting your area hard: your commute to work keeps getting shorter and shorter. Less people heading to work equals less cars going to work equals you realizing you are both delighted and unnerved by the brisk drive.

On to sunnier topics: poliPicks! This week I have an intriguing piece on a man being a “woman” for  6 months, how to write your own Obama speech, and the always present political drama. Enjoy.

  • Feel like a (hormonal) woman: In this short and insightful piece, a man discusses his 6 month stint as a woman–or more specifically, as a very menopausal woman. Moral of the story: treat your wives to M&Ms whenever she asks for them.
  • Reid wants immigration reform this year: Because, of course, two wars, a flattening economy, healthcare reform, and a massive image overhaul abroad are really not enough to fill the Senate’s agenda. What’s next, Harry, do you want to talk about affirmative action and the elimination of the income tax by August?
  • Connect-the-dots speech writing: Who says you need vision and skill to write a speech like Obama? All you need is to follow the outline The Daily Beast’s Benjamin Sarlin has outlined for you. Tip: use sentences like “When I talked to Barack yesterday,” or “While having lunch with O-man” to add a little pizzazz to your speech.
  • Unemployment on the rise once more, but…: The pace of unemployed workers is leveling off, and the number of jobs lost in May (345,000) was lower than expected. If nothing else, this breakdown offers one striking trend: a college degree is losing it’s value. The unemployment rate for college graduates has more than doubled in the last year. Continue reading


8 May


We are approaching the best time of the weekend: Friday afternoon. (The worst time? Sunday night–what a sorry state we are all in then, eh?). If any of you decide to buy any food during the weekend that may be in need of a condiment, please, learn from our president and avoid the regular mustard, it’s crap.

  • Obama adds to his (Trekkie) nerd-cred:

    Q: President Obama has drawn not-infrequent comparisons to the Spock character. Do you see any similarities there?

    Leonard Nimoy: I’ve met him twice. The first time was a couple years ago, very early on when he had just announced his candidacy. He was in Los Angeles, speaking at a luncheon we were invited to. There was a very small crowd — minuscule compared to the crowd that he gathered later — at a private home in Los Angeles. And we were standing on the back patio, waiting for him. And he came through the house, saw me and immediately put his hand up in the Vulcan gesture. He said, “They told me you were here.” We had a wonderful brief conversation and I said, “It would be logical if you would become president.”

  • Palin PR Blitz is no bueno:
  • Obama to Governator:I’ll give you $6.8b for $74m. Deal?:The president and Schwarzenegger hit some rocky terrain over union wage cuts and stimulus money.
  • Specter: I”m rooting for Coleman. Oh wait, what team am I on, again?: Any more of these senior moments and Harry Reid will pistol-whip you.
  • Limbaugh vs. Powell, Round 1: Rush to Colin: Go be a Democrat, already. Colin to Rush: I threw up a bit in my mouth just by looking at you.
  • Wunderkind speechwriter, Favreau, is a momma’s boy: At the TIME 100 gala, Jon picked mom as his date over all the other girls on Obama’s Facebook page.
  • Bristol and Levi disagree on abstinence: Something tells me they had a similar, but much more profane, conversation about, oh, 9-10 months ago.
  • Unemployment now at 8.9%: Yet Perez Hilton still has a job. Life is unfair.
  • Richardson takes Lady Gaga’s advice and just dances: No, seriously, Bill, what is that? The bouncing robot?


1 May

polipicksThe weekend is typically a time of minimal internet dwelling and more outdoor living (Vitamin D is good for you). Here a bunch of articles, tidbits, and videos that should hold your interest until, oh, let’s see happy hour.

  • Souter’s Replacement: Will it be a woman, a minority, or both?
  • Do You Feel Safer?” ad: House Minority Leader, John Boehner (R-OH), made an ad against President Obama using close-ups of online articles relating to the release of the torture memos (intense close-ups), photographs from over 3 years ago of insurgents menacing the streets of Fallujah, a collage of pictures where Obama is thinking (possibly plotting!) and al-Qaeda training camp footage. All with ominous questions like: “Do you feel safer?” Well, now that I know you are in Congress…
  • Torture architects identified: These two guys are a hoot. First off, they “boast” to anyone willing to listen how they were paid $1,000 a day by the CIA. Second, they had no interrogation experience before they created the 10-point torture/interrogation manual. And finally, the CIA only realized once they were both under contract that they were, in fact, not experienced enough for such a task and that their techniques were “far more intense” then they expected. Oh CIA, when will you learn *kneeslap*
  • CEO pay falls, but perks rise: From 2007 to 2008, overall pay for CEOs fell 7%. Yipee. The value of their perks and perks-allowances (basically cash funds they can dip into anytime they want) rose 7%. Yip–what?! Perks also made up a larger percentage of their compensation package. The median value of perks for CEOs in 2008 was over $170,0000. I wonder if that includes free Diet Coke.
  • First Lady’s kicks too chic et cher?: Note to self: avoid Lanvin when volunteering at food banks.
  • Obama’s “Enchanted” response: In case you missed it, the president showed off his comic timing when answering a 20-part question posed by the NY Times that was at first ridiculed and then praised as pure genius.
  • Racism and the Swine Flu: There some things that just make logical sense. Using butter to make your omelette is one of them. Leaving work early on Fridays is another. And of course, using a global pandemic to promote racist accusations and xenophobic remarks is another. Just a taste, Michelle Malkin on the lessons learned from recent history:  “9/11 didn’t convince the open-borders zealots to put down their race cards and confront reality. Maybe the threat of their sons or daughters contracting a deadly virus spread from south of the border to their Manhattan prep schools will.
  • Elizabeth Edwards tells-some about you-know-what: Read her (probably mild) account about John Edwards’s cheating ways in her new book. A taste: “Elsewhere in the book, Edwards explains how her candidate husband originally lied to her about the depth of the affair (he originally said it was just one time), and how the “pathetic” Hunter hit on him with cheesy lines like: “You are so hot.” Saucer of milk, table for two, meow!
  • Sigh…I told you, do NOT let Joe go on morning shows. What part of that don’t you…ah, forget it“:

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