A writer must always be able to answer one question, which when answered completely makes the writer that much more of a devout to his art: why do I write?

For me, it’s an escape, an opportunity, a challenge, and a tool. By writing, I ensure myself that each of these four purposes will be met, no matter what I write. As long as I write,  I will improve. Like a marathon runner, a writer must train to write better, and by writing, a writer trains.

I’ve been lucky enough to write for different people with different needs, such as:

  • Resume Writing and Rewriting: The key to making these formal and static documents become more personalized and eye-catching is to focus on various small things that many do not. By focusing and improving these minute aspects of such an important document, as well as the overall look of the resume, I have helped many people land the very important next step: the interview.
  • Editing: “The first draft of anything is shit,” Ernest Hemingway used to earnestly say. On top of that, editing your own work is harder than one would expect–and less effective that one would like. It’s always better to let a pair of eyes that are not as familiar with your work as you are look for ways to improve things like tone, flow, grammar, and focus, among others. I’ve edited manuscripts, web copy, e-mail correspondence, and marketing material to help the reader and the original author connect a bit better.
  • Copy: All writing has a purpose, and none has a more tangible purpose than copy. It is meant to sell, compel, and connect the company/author with their potential customers/readers. I’ve written copy for web-based companies, non-profits looking for a concise mission statement, and people trying to communicate their business plan, sales pitch, or memo to a focused audience.
  • Correspondence: The days of faithful letter correspondence may be coming to an end, but channels like e-mail, web ads, and formal print correspondence will always be present. It is key to not dismiss these means as easy and formulaic, and become lazy when using them to communicate with others. I have written and managed e-mail marketing campaigns, web ads, and written and edited important letters for clients and friends, helping them communicate effectively and clearly and avoid having their message get lost.

I focus on writing with clarity, originality, and enthusiasm. These three elements, as basic as they are, are often sacrificed in the name of mass-production of trite text. I make an honest effort to avoid joining that assembly line (plus, the hair nets are kind of itchy).

Here are some testimonials from people I have worked with so far:

Jaime was very helpful in proofreading and reviewing my resume. He was very responsive and fast with the whole process. I highly recommend Jaime if you need another set of eyes to look over your resume.

-Y.G. , Berkeley, CA

Jaime wrote great copy for my website.  After talking with me on the phone, asking me questions regarding my business and what sort of tone and personality I wanted the copy to have, I knew he was dedicated and professional–just the right person to have!  He ended up writing something so close to what I hoped it would be, that I look forward to working with him again soon.

-B. Aguilar, St. Louis, MO

My resume was in need of a major overhaul. It needed a more professional look with the right buzz words to have that edge. Jaime rewrote it and in gave it a new life.

You know  it’s wise to have a professional set of eyes proof read over your writings. I would highly recommend his services…Thanks for your help, Jaime….You Da Man!

-Guillermo Y., LA, CA

Jaime Zepeda assisted in the editing of my book proposal for my memoir.  The proposal is being submitted to major publishing houses in New York.  He is a gifted editor and had many insightful suggestions as to how the sample chapters could be improved.  I am grateful for his assistance and would not hesitate to recommend his services.

-William Hershon, Esq., CA

When I contacted Jaime to help me rewrite and polish my resume, I was in a huge hurry because I had an interview in only two days! Not only did he take on my rewrite, he did it in less than 24 hours and at such a reasonable rate! I really liked the way Jaime communicated with me too; I was able to forward him a job description and he knew the really important questions to ask me about the right kind of content to add to my resume.  I think Jaime is a real pro and he will most certainly be who I turn to when I need an update or a full rewrite again! Additionally since Jaime conducts most of his business via email, you don’t have to be in the Bay Area to use him, he’s Nationwide!

-Simms Brooks, San Francisco, CA

Jaime revised and reformatted my worn-out resume into a document that I am really proud of. He also provided a rationale for his changes, which allows me to make future edits with confidence. I could not be more pleased with his service.

-Dan D., Oakland, CA

If you need any help with any writing project, please send me your name, email address, and the type of project you would like my help with to:

I hope to hear from you soon. Happy writing.


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